BITS FM Services is a management consulting arm of CWorks Systems to focus on planning and development of Facilities Management initiatives. Acknowledges that respective facility require a unique facility management services that support the operation and maintenance of such facility:

  • Planning & Development
  • Work Automation
  • Contract Compliance Monitoring



Planning & Development

- Identify FM scope of Services
- Development of KPI
- Preparation of Service Level Agreement (SLA)
- Consolidation of Asset Registers
- Development of Preventive Maintenance Programs
- Incorporation of Soft Services
- Evaluate & Design Work Processes
- Identify Performance Reports
- Preparation of Strategic Cost Plan

Work Automation
- Development of Work Flow Computerization
- Report Computerization

Contract Compliance Monitoring

- Contact Center Operation
- Complaints / Failure Handling
- Work Cycle Management
- Data Collection & Data Quality Evaluation
- Reports Generation
- Evaluation & Analysis of Works