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Energy & Sustainability

BITS™ offers full energy management services dedicated to provide cost savings and energy consumption. We are committed to design environment friendly energy management programs to combat today's escalating energy and saving costs.

Key services include:

  • Monitor stats coming in from all meters and systems in single view
  • Leverage advanced analytics to easily identify savings opportunities
  • Manage consumption proactively with customizable alerts
  • Identify patterns and changes and pinpoint inefficiencies and overuse
  • Identify usage and cost reduction opportunities without capital expenditure investment
  • Customize dashboards, KPIs, Energy Performance Indicators, parameters and reports
  • Generate graphical reports for customers, teams and stakeholders
  • Define user roles to allow access to specific usage views
  • Substantiate energy conclusions and demonstrate ROI

Solution Components

Energy Manager is a powerful cloud based and vendor neutral, energy management software tool.
DEXMA provides a flexible, cost-effective set of integrated hardware and software tools that enable full visibility of energy consumption. Our advanced monitoring, analytics and reporting tools empower businesses across a range of industries to cut costs, manage energy, improve operational performance resulting in increased efficiency and profitability.

Energy Manager is a Cloud-based energy management solution that gives users real-time visibility of their entire energy usage constellation – regardless of distribution, complexity or size – so they can leverage data to identify and prioritize savings opportunities. Energy Manager communicates with your system of meters and devices either via its rapid and reliable hardware or through seamless integration with your third-party device.

Hardware is an embedded gateway that enables dependable, real-time communication between Energy Manager and more than 60 Modbus & ZigBee devices from over 15 manufacturers.

A Business Case

High vacancy rates, falling rents and decreased budgets for projects like retrofitting are forcing corporate property managers to seek immediate cost reduction. Energy represents nearly 20% of total corporate building expenditures. With minimal funding for larger retrofitting projects, energy professionals need to be able to pinpoint overuse and inefficiency, and to identify quick-wins that immediately reduce operating costs and improve cash flow. Energy Manager unifies data from heterogeneous sources and enables energy professionals to get a global view, or drill down into usage specifics to identify specific savings opportunities. The software monitors systems like lighting and air conditioning and weighs performance against variables like time of day, consumption by department, floor, area or even cost per square meter. By identifying and implementing simple measures across locations, consumption can drop by as much as 15% without impacting comfort levels.Here are some of the Energy Manager features that help those responsible for energy savings in corporate buildings to do their jobs well:

  • Consumption validation for varying tariff time zones
  • Cost breakdown for common areas
  • Energy consumption map
  • Expenses allocation by department
  • Passive consumption auto-detection
  • Cost per square meter, per person, per degree day